Consultancy and Managed Services

EXCEED can manage your network under SLA and Provide Services i.e.:
• Network and support systems, strategic discovery, portfolio optimization and business analysis.
• Network Build (end to end Solutions).
• Network operations, Monitoring, preventative maintenance, intrusion monitoring etc.
• Building and deploy with program Management, proof of concept custom and deployment support.
• Operate and optimize consulting, Technology Quality check and Audit Business Support and Operations.

Field Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance
The goal of the Corrective Maintenance is to fix any fault that may appear in the network infrastructure covered by the MS. The field intervention is triggered by the NMS monitoring team, if available or based on support request issued by IT Team.

Preventive Maintenance
The Preventive Maintenance tasks to be performed for all APs and controllers, the frequency of maintenance based on service package. Regular activity reports to be issued based on the performed tasks.

Scheduled Maintenance
Planned activities that require end customer’s presence in the field to apply a service affecting actions such as special event onsite support; upgrades; swapping of hardware where specific requirements and scenarios to be identified upon mutual agreement.

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Service Support Packages

Based on client’s business sized and importance of maintain the connection within business field, EXCEED has developed three main service support packages:


Platinum Support Package (24×7)

Gold Support Package (24×7)

Silver Support Package (8×5)

For more detailed information about the packages please feel free to drop us a line.

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