EDU-MBC: Mobility Boot Camp

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Course Description

Combines the IAW and SWDI classes into a single 5 day class. Students registering for this class should be prepared for an accelerated format of the IAW and SWDI classes. Prerequisite understanding of wireless fundamentals is mandatory, as well as WLAN fundamentals, data flow and control in a network, and basic routing principles. The lab-intensive course is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and practical experience required to set up and configure the Aruba WLAN in a variety of network scenarios.

Successful conclusion of the course prepares participant for the Aruba Certified Mobility Professional exam ACMP offered through PearsonVue test centres. A voucher is provided at the end of the class for one free exam.

Intended Audience

Customers needing the advanced knowledge and skills to implement a multi-controller Aruba WLAN.

Course Prerequisites

Students are expected to come to the class with knowledge of Aruba’s products. A conceptual knowledge of VLANs and network data flow & control helps frame the specifics of Aruba’s network architecture. Students taking this class are recommended to view the following online videos available to view at no charge on the Aruba Networks website and select Mobility, View Courses – Aruba Mobility Boot Camp.
Wired Fundamentals gives a brief overview of the wired networking principles (Recommended)
Wireless Fundamentals outlines wireless networking and technology (Recommended)

Course Content

Aruba Architecture and Features
Mobility Controller initial setup and licensing using ArubaOS wizards
Using ArubaOS RF Plan to place access points and air monitors in a wireless network
RF Protect
Rogue classification and containment
Implementing Roles and Firewall Policies
Advanced Firewall Functions
Using WLAN policies to create a Secure Employee WLAN with 802.1X
Using WLAN policies to create a Secure Guest WLAN with Captive Portal authentication
Aruba WLAN Configuration
Create VisualRF plans to place access points and air monitors
Use Visual RF Plan to determine your pre-deployment placement of APs
Import Visual RF Plan to AirWave
Using ArubaOS RF Plan to monitor access points and air monitors
Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)
Using the integrated Spectrum Analyzer to monitor RF environment
Provisioning Aruba thin APs using wizards and the GUI
Remote Access Point (RAP) using AP125 and RAP2 zero touch
RAP Uplink Bandwidth Reservation
Virtual Internet Access (VIA)
Content Security Service (CSS)
Secured Wired Access
Master/local benefits
Mobility / Roaming
Site to site VPN
Master redundancy
Local redundancy
AP redundancy
Mesh solutions
ACMA in-class exam


5 (five) days.

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