Fortinet Courses

High Performance Next-Generation Firewall and UTM FortiGate Platform

Fortinet offers a broad range of technical training courses and assessments on our technologies and products. Whether you are a Fortinet end-user customer, partner or employee, our training and assessment will prepare you for success in operation and administration of Fortinet products.

FortiGuard® Services

Knowledge of the threat landscape combined with the ability to respond quickly at multiple levels is the foundation of providing effective security. Since 2000, FortiGuard Labs have provided in-house, industry-leading security research on over 200 zero-day virus discoveries, powering Fortinet’s platform and suite of services.

Network Security Operating System – FortiOS

FortiOS is a security-hardened, purpose-built Operating System that is the foundation of all FortiGate® network security platforms. It can be used across your large or small enterprise infrastructure. Building on Fortinet’s history of innovation, the FortiOS comprehensive feature set helps fight advanced threats, simplify security configurations and deployments and enhance security threat reporting and network visibility.

Mobility/Wireless LTE Security – FortiCarrier OS

FortiCarrier extends FortiGate Network Security Appliances (NGFW, UTM, Data Center Firewall) with additional FortiOS features specifically designed for protecting Carrier/ISP Networks and their customers, particularly with the accelerating adoption of Mobile Data and Wireless LTE infrastructure.

Hardware Based Acceleration – FortiASIC

Traditional Security Appliances that use multi- purpose CPU based architectures becomes an infrastructure bottleneck. The only way for a Network Security Appliance to scale is via purpose built ASICs to accelerate specific parts of the packet processing and content scanning function.