Extending Your Investment In A10 Networks

To efficiently maximize your investment in A10 Networks, we offer a variety of professional services that includes engineering, support, customer service and business consulting. Your network team can focus on more important tasks while A10 consultants efficiently manage, maintain and optimize your A10 products – all with the least amount of staff disruption and a minimized risk of errors. You can choose from an array of high quality, flexible remote or onsite options that use a collaborative approach with client-directed priorities for the best results. And with many of our services, we offer knowledge transfer and training, with tips and techniques on how to troubleshoot and maintain your A10 products.

Onsite Engineering Services

  • Resident Engineer. If you have limited staff to address your networking needs, a resident engineer may be the best answer. As experts in A10 technologies and solutions, our engineers can provide you with highly efficient troubleshooting and optimization services to ensure you get the responsiveness you need to address daily operations and business requirements.

Implementation Services

Each company’s needs are different, so we offer a variety of implementation packages that range in the extent of services offered. You can pick the one that best fits your needs, whether it’s help with a single installation, or support for a full network design.

  • Design. This package is delivered onsite by a qualified A10 consultant and includes all the tasks required to configure, test and deploy your solution. Our consultants use industry best practices and provide everything from design planning to the diagramming of your new network. This package also provides onsite training of your team, with a knowledge transfer for topics specific to your deployment.
  • Framework. With an option for onsite or remote assistance, this package provides you with a dedicated A10 consultant who will work with your team throughout your deployment. An A10 consultant will develop a high-level design, which will act as a guide for the configuration, the development and execution of a test plan, installation, UAT and deployment of your A10 products. This package also includes a knowledge transfer and training.
  • Quick Start. This is a cost-effective option for supporting your team as it deploys your A10 network. An A10 consultant sets up the network configuration and guides the deployment through to installation. This package includes limited UAT support and knowledge transfer.
  • Single Install. If your team is prepared to deploy your A10 solutions but wants access to A10 support, this option is perfect. Working remotely, our consultant is available from the kickoff of the project through to the production installation. (Note: A single install can be over several units but it can only be one configuration. If a company has two configurations to be deployed over six units, they should purchase two single installs.)

Customer Success Services

Once you’ve fully installed your A10 products, you may want additional professional services to ensure optimal network performance via the following services.

  • Health Check. This package ensures the correct deployment and optimizations of your A10 network. An A10 consultant works with you and your team either onsite or remotely to determine the right approach for maximizing your investment.
  • Enablement. To allow for the greatest flexibility, this package provides access to the expertise of an A10 consultant as required, such as when you need troubleshooting, optimization, migrations, and strategic planning either onsite or remotely. (Note: This is the only package that does not need to be consumed continuously, i.e. you can use it as you go. It is a “bucket” of hours.)